Experience the magic of airbrush waterproof facepainting and transform yourself into a work of art. Our experienced artists use water and sweat-resistant hybrid paints that will last through any event, from pool parties to bouncy houses. Let your imagination run wild and create unforgettable memories.

Waterproof Facepainting and Designs

value of time

More Guests Served

Because airbrush designs use stencils, they are quicker to apply. Face designs are about 20 faces per hour and smaller designs are applied at up 60 / hour. Airbrush designs can last 1-5 days, depending on care. We use Proaiir Prolong clear coat to help designs last. We have over 400 smaller designs to choose from using multiple colors.

From start to finish in 60 seconds!

If you have a crowd to entertain, then airbrush designs are a smart choice.

It really is water proof,
sweat proof, and
bouncy house proof!

You can believe your eyes. Check out this design we did before jumping into the pool. Remove the design easily any time with rubbing alcohol, makeup remover, or a gentle soapy lather.

Not to mention

Understanding Bouncy Houses

Are you renting a bouncy house to enjoy at your party? Traditional face paint is often discouraged for bouncy house play. In fact, you could be liable for a cleaning fee or more with traditional face paint. The face paint may smear off mid-party. Our hybrid paints are NOT water-based. They do not sweat off or come off in a pool. They can be removed with rubbing alcohol or gentle scrubbing with a soapy lather.

white bouncy house
white bouncy house

About Waterproof Facepainting

Waterprooffacepainting.com is the airbrush side of PaintedParty.com, specializing in waterproof face painting and designs. We only use skin safe paints like Proaair.

Unleash Your Imagination with Waterproof Facepainting and Designs

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