Only slightly more than traditional facepainting, our rates reflect the considerable investment in equipment required to do airbrushing. Our rate is for a minimum of 1.5 hours @ $162.50/hour. We charge a small travel fee for events located farther away than 20 minutes from our location. We require a small deposit to book your event.

Custom Designs

Do you have a sporting event, company launch, prom dance, 5k run, or charity event that is recognized by a logo or design? As part of an event booking, we can make a custom stencil for temporary tattoos for $150 per custom design. Go ahead, keep your stencils for future events.

$325 for two hours paints about 30 full face designs. Airbrush face painting is popular with all ages of kids.

$325 for two hours paints one of 300+ smaller designs on about 75 guests. This is a popular choice when you are expecting a large number of guests.

Contact us at coldje@msn.com or call
801-494-4793 or just fill out the form and we'll contact you.